The last, third, summer ecological session on “Green schools” completed

In July and August 2019 three summers ecological sessions on “Green schools” were organized in National children’s’ educational and health center “Zubryonok” (children’s health center “Zubryonok”)  and in the children’s’ rehabilitation and health center “Nadezhda” (children’s’ center “Nadezhda”), which are Republican resource centres on “Green schools”.  Summer session on “Green schools” were organized within Ecomonitoring project.


During 12 days of “green” sessions, 350 children in the age of 8-16 years, including children with disabilities, and their pedagogues from 6 regions of the country and Minsk city increased their knowledge on all the directions of the “Green schools” program and  improves their health.   All the participants  were selected on competitive basis.


Program of the summer ecological sessions included health improving measures, sports events, entertainment activities, quests. Educational component covered 44-hours  program of intensive  training under all directions of “Green schools”.  The  44-hours program  was developed for the first time on Belarus and especially for  summer sessions  and was positively assessed by the  Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus.   The classes were organized in the form of practical  works, projects, creative activities, discussions, interactive games, excursions on the topics “Study of biodiversity”, :Energy saving”, “Water saving”, “Waste treatment”, “Information and ecological  activities  to involve local population”, Ecological monitoring”.