Green schools

The winners of the Contest for establishing resource centers for “Green Schools” have been announced!

The Contest for obtaining support for establishing regional auxiliary resource centers for “Green Schools” was held among educational institutions from 30 August until 27 September, 2018 within the framework of the Project “Civic Engagement in Environmental Monitoring and Improving Environmental Management at the Local Level”.

The Project is funded by the European Union and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme in partnership with the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Republic of Belarus. The project aims at effective and inclusive environmental management at the local level, environmental risks monitoring, exchange with environmental information, in particular, in the field of ambient air quality.

The regional auxiliary resource centers for “Green Schools” will promote the development of environmental education in the country and support civic engagement in environmental monitoring, provide educational institutions and NGOs in their area with the necessary resources for conducting training seminars, conferences, exhibitions, and methodological consultations on environmental education. The centers will also become a platform for interaction between the educational institutions, local authorities, NGOs operating in the field of environmental protection and rational use of natural resources.

The Contest received 17 applications from educational institutions from all the regions of the country: Brest region (4 applications), Viciebsk region (4 applications), Homieĺ region (3 applications), Hrodna region (2 applications), Minsk region (3 applications), Mahilioŭ region (1 application).

The Contest Selection Panel for the evaluation of the applications included the representatives of the UNDP, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus, National Centre for Ecology and Local Studies and Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Belarus.

Evaluation of the applications was carried out separately for each of the 6 regions. The organization with the highest score among the applications received from the region became the winner in the region.

Based on the results of evaluation of the applications, six potential winners were identified, the educational institutions where regional auxiliary resource centers for “Green Schools” will be established (one regional auxiliary resource center in each region of the Republic of Belarus):

  • Brest region: State Educational Institution “Brest Regional Center of Tourism and Local History for Children and Youth”;
  • Viciebsk region: State Institution of Additional Education “Viciebsk Regional Palace for Children and Youth”;
  • Homieĺ region: Educational Institution “Homieĺ State Regional Ecological and Biological Center for Children and Youth”;
  • Hrodna region: Educational Institution “Navahrudak State Agrarian College”;
  • Minsk region: State Institution of Additional Education “Barysaŭ Center for Ecology and Tourism”;
  • Mahilioŭ region: State Institution of Additional Education “Regional Art Center”, Department for Environmental Education.

As a result of the evaluation, a reserve list of applicant organizations was also formed for each region of Belarus.